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Introducing GCLO, a global leader in eco-friendly functional polymers and products.

After conducting basic R&D of functional polymers and eco-friendly fibers since 2002, G.CLO Inc. was established in 2011 with the goal of becoming a more professional ‘eco-friendly functional polymer R&D best company’.

After continuous R&D with registration of numerous domestic and global patents and acquisition of various certificates, in 2016, we became a partner with the PD Group, which owns Courtaulds textile in the UK, which has led the textile industry for more than 200 years.


In 2019, we launched the Ceravida® technology brand with the completion of Junlite, a human-friendly and nature-friendly bioceramic material, and started to achieve innovation with eco-friendly functional polymer material technology.


As a result of long-term R&D efforts, in 2020, along with the FDA medical device registration of a multifunctional function yarn for HEAT, COOL, and RECOVER, antibacterial agents using pure natural substances were completed.


G.CLO, based on the achievements of over 20 years of research and development, has applied innovative and creative Ceravida® technology to our daily products starting in 2021, for a healthier and more comfortable life and our sustainable environment. We will become a leading company in ‘Eco-friendly functional technologies and products through creative technological innovation’.

Global leader in eco-friendly functional polymers and products


A company that puts the environment first and a company that contributes to a sustainable environment with products and products


A company that cooperates with technology in various fields by applying appropriate materials and products

Long lasting

Pursuing sustainable development of the company based on economic reliability, environmental soundness, and social responsibility through sustainable management

Only one

Growth and development as a company with the only technology in Korea based on CERAVIDA Technology with its own material technology

G-CLO and Ceravida members

PD Group (Courtaulds)

A textile company founded in England in 1794, leading the Industrial Revolution.

The world’s first rayon manufacturing and development through the VISCOSE process. M&A with PD Group in 2006.

Playing a pivotal role in Ceravida technology development together with GCLO.

Founded in 1794 by George Courtaulds and his cousin Peter Taylor in Pebmarsh, North Essex, as a silk, crepe and textile business.


1794-1904 Courtaulds played a very important role in the history of British textile manufacturing.


From 1904 to 1968, he pioneered the manufacture of rayon through the viscose process, leading the technological development in the textile industry.


In 1904, Coventry opened the first plant to produce rayon and weaved into fabrics at the Halstead Mill in Essex, becoming the world’s first man-made fiber producer. The subsequent expansion into the acetate fiber, cotton and hosiery industries controlled around 30% of UK cotton spinning capacity and 35% of warp knitting production.


By the mid-1970s, with a focus on product innovations since 1968, particularly the development of Tencel Lyocell, considered to be strength, softness and washability, Courtaulds had grown to become the world’s largest textile manufacturer, the UK’s largest producer of lingerie and underwear, and Growing into a level knitwear, underwear and hosiery manufacturer.




Office relocation and Ceravida fresh registered with the US EPA


Recovery functional yarn FDA medical device registration, Ecopassport by Oekotex certification, Green Chem International Co., LTD (NamLiong group in Taiwan) contract




Ceravida® technology brand launched, antibacterial and thermal registered in 6 European countries


Selected as a medical material government R&D project, developed CERAVIDA global branding, started business with Under Armor


PD Group (Hong Kong) investment attraction partnership, 2XU business start, venture company certification, corporate research institute certification


B.I.O.N US patent registration, Polo Ralph Lauren order export start, R&D department certification registration


Started marketing and sales of famous American and European brands, increased 150 million won, registered as a foreign-invested company


Establishment of specialized production system, establishment of sales network in China, and order processing of domestic outdoor brands


Applied for US and European patents, established partnership with Daesung Textile Co., Ltd., Started production of masterbatch and yarn with antibacterial thermal function



Basic research and development of functional polymers and eco-friendly fibers, established G.CLO Inc., applied for a number of technical patents by ceramic inorganic particles