The core technology and technology brand that Gichlow has.


Natural raw material complex manufacturing technology

Composite compound manufacturing technology of combining marine materials

Natural binder manufacturing technology (more than 20 washes durable)

Antibacterial 99.9% and deodorizing 80% or more multifunctional effect

Eco-friendly technology through the use of sustainable materials

· Safe wellness technology by using natural substances

Functional yarn mixing technology

· Composite multifunctional ceramic nano-manufacturing technology

· Functional yarn manufacturing technology for mixing material yarns

Thermal: Increase in body temperature
Cooling: Increase feeling of cold
Recovery: Blood flow improvement, Fatigue recovery speed increase, exercise ability improvement effect

Natural complex compound manufacturing technology

Natural binder

The combination of eco-friendly materials extracted from the sea inhibits the growth of bacteria and gives the fabric adhesion for durability.

Functional yarn manufacturing technology