High-quality products and materials created by the technology of GCLO.


Introducing G-CLO products, a global leader in eco-friendly functional polymers.

G-CLO socks

Junlite, a functional ceramic/mineral complex developed by our company, is mixed into the yarn during spinning.
The function is expressed by the release of energy by the mixed material, and compared to the general processing method,
The function due to the mixing of yarn is maintained even after 50 washes.

Socks to keep the second heart ‘foot’ healthy

Compared with general functional socks, the skin temperature is increased by 1 degree.

By helping to improve blood flow by more than 10% compared to general functional socks

Good circulation can reduce muscle pain in the calves and legs, and prevent swelling of the legs.

Compared with general functional socks, it helps to speed up recovery from fatigue due to a reduction in lactic acid concentration (a number indicating fatigue) by more than 20%. It helps you feel less tired even if you wear it all day long.


By treating socks with environmentally friendly biomaterials, it is intended to provide a comfortable environment in the shoes, is harmless to the human body, and suppresses the growth of bacteria as well as the removal of odors to provide a comfortable feeling of wearing to the feet as well as antibacterial functions.