High-quality products and materials created by the technology of GCLO.


Introducing G-CLO products, a global leader in eco-friendly functional polymers.

G.CLO mask


⁃ Antibacterial and deodorizing function by inhibiting bacterial growth

⁃ Adsorption of odor molecules and removal of microorganisms keep it pleasant

⁃ Maintains antibacterial and deodorizing functions even after washing

Safe material

Safe and sustainable use of natural substances such as marine extracts

No respiratory problems

Existing antibacterial agents have a serious respiratory toxicity problem when applying a mask

Permanent antibacterial effect

Antibacterial and deodorizing functions against germs in contact with the mask.  It is possible to maintain a comfortable environment while continuously maintaining antibacterial functions.

Disposable mask replacement

Eco-friendly product that can be used even after washing as a substitute for disposable masks

Mask Hazardous Ingredients Inspection

⁃ Acquired various overseas certifications such as Ecopassport by Oekotex certification, FDA Medical device 1 registration, etc.
⁃ Safety is secured by not using synthetic binders that cause respiratory toxicity problems of silver and copper masks that are harmful to the human body and the environment