High-quality products and materials created by the technology of GCLO.


Introducing G-CLO products, a global leader in eco-friendly functional polymers.

Is it possible to give not only the washing effect due to detergent but also the continuous antibacterial and odor function after washing?

The antibacterial fabric softener developed by G.CLO is an eco-friendly fabric softener that reduces the number of washes as it can continuously provide antibacterial and deodorant effects until the next washing even with a small amount of use.

Natural raw materials

Maintain the best comfortable condition by adsorbing odor molecules and removing microorganisms

Allergy free

Safe for skin by using allergen-free fragrance products

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Continuously maintains deodorizing and antibacterial functions after washing

Washing tub cleaning by natural materials

Safely keep the washing tub clean unlike conventional chemical washing tubs

Antibacterial and deodorizing effect

It protects clothes from germs by using a small amount and gives a pleasant feeling by preventing the smell of sweat even the next day.

– Use of safe substances extracted from pure nature without the use of chemicals harmful to the human body

Persistence after washing

After washing, it is maintained continuously until the next washing.

– Products that are not harmful even when discharged to the environment by using substances for a sustainable environment

Reduce the number of washes

Eco-friendly products by reducing the number of washings

– By using natural binders and natural materials instead of synthetic binders, the performance is maintained after washing, and it is also non-irritating to the skin.

BIOn Fresh Anti-bacterial Fabric Softener