High-quality products and materials created by the technology of GCLO.


It is a product of G-CLO that can maintain a comfortable state by absorbing odor molecules and removing microorganisms.

It also maintains antibacterial and deodorizing functions, even after washing.

Fabric softener

Eco-friendly fabric softener that reduces the number of washes with antibacterial and deodorizing effects that last until the next wash even with a small amount of use.


An eco-friendly product that can be safely used by using natural materials while maintaining antibacterial and deodorizing functions even after washing as a replacement for disposable masks that have become a daily routine.


Functional clothing product certified as a wellness product registered as an FDA medical device of multifunctional recovery function yarn for heat, cooling, and health applied with nature-friendly G-CLO patented technology.


A product whose function is expressed as an energy emission by mixed materials, and whose function is maintained 50 times after washing due to yarn mixing compared to normal processing methods.


Functional plastic container product for antibacterial and deodorizing function and freshness maintenance manufactured using Ceravida functional masterbatch.


Cosmetic containers made of Ceravida Fresh, a natural antibacterial agent, and cosmetic containers with antibacterial, deodorizing and freshness maintenance made of Ceravida functional materials.