GCLO’s core technology created product effects.


Product effect of G.CLO


The function of releasing body heat and the heat of the fiber surface as quickly as possible by the patented ceramic combination of GCLO.

Natural Anti-bacterial

It protects and maintains not only ourselves but also the surrounding environment with antibacterial and deodorizing functions due to inhibition of bacterial growth of more than 99% without the use of materials harmful to the human body and the environment


It is a more advanced heating fiber technology that induces heat by converting far-infrared rays and various wavelengths of the human body and surroundings into thermal wavelengths, and it helps not only heat but also blood circulation.


It is a health care product that helps blood circulation even if you wear it on a regular basis, and it helps to recover your condition.

Ceravida, the technology brand of G.CLO


A technology that removes odor molecules around us and protects us from microorganisms through fabric processing using natural materials, giving a function to always maintain a more sanitary and pleasant environment

Natural binder

Unlike other existing anti-microbial agent, ‘FRESH’, the raw material for Ceravida fresh processing, does not use any chemicals, heavy metals or synthetic binders. It is a biopolymer composed of natural ingredients such as minerals and materials extracted from the sea.



Washing durability

Skin Stability



Antibacterial and deodorizing function due to inhibition of bacterial growth of more than 99%